Are You a Christian?

If Jesus was sitting in your living room, would you invite Him to watch the movie you just bought? Would you read, “50 Shades of Gray”, out-loud, with Him sitting beside you? Would you laugh at that Sit-com, if He were in the room? Are you are allowing the secular world to set your standard of living?

If you dabble with these things and said, “No.”, you’re telling yourself a lie. He’s there, in your home, yet you feel no compunction in reading and watching filth. You don’t hesitate to invite these things into your home with your children and grandchildren watching your example.

When you read about or watch; excessive violence, sex, foul language, or witchcraft and the occult, you are desensitizing your spirit and heart to sin. You allow yourself to normalize immorality and forget right and wrong. You sin against your Creator and your own soul.

Have we Christians forgotten the price Jesus paid for our sins? Are we living a Holy life as He commanded us to do? He told us to be separate from the world. If we join the world, how do we expect His blessings, peace, and protection for ourselves and our homes?

As a Christian, I see our nation falling. Hard and fast. Terrorism, pandemics possibly via the illegals steadily crossing our border, financial collapse due to the massive overspending of our government, and the list goes on.

Persecution of Christians has already started. If we are too embarrassed to stand up for the Lord, if we don’t speak out now, how do we actually think we will stand up to real persecution, when it reaches us?

Truly we will reap what we are sowing.

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  1. Amen, Mama! I’ve been saying this for a long time. Derek and I have gone through a ton of our movies and got rid of them. They may be “socially” acceptable (some only PG-13), but we knew they weren’t right for our family due to their content.

  2. There are so many areas we each need to take action on, in our lives. Proud of you, Baby Girl!

  3. Barbara Alsabrook :

    While we as responsible adults can make this conscious decision and do everything we can to protect our families and the environment they enjoy, Satan has found a way to infiltrate even our closed environment.

    How you might ask, the simple answer is technology!

    As the parent of three children 44, 42 and 40 I never had to worry about what they were doing with cell phones, computers, etc. because we did not have them! But a few years ago we adopted a young man who is now 13 — and the world has certainly “turned”. Cell phones and/or computers are almost mandatory, especially when you utilizing a home school/virtual school environment.

    Once they have access to those devices, it’s impossible to monitor them! As a punishment we disconnected our 13 year old’s cell phone service, was he upset? No because almost all cell phone today connect to the internet. BUT did you know, if you disconnect that child’s phone that they continue to have internet access through the data ports in cell phone towers, PLUS this disconnected cell phone connects to the internet for FREE! utilizing Wi-FI.

    They have access to Facebook, read a young persons page, it’s disgusting! Oh, and they have snap chat (did you know after a post it goes away almost immediately, so there is virtually no way to monitor what is being posted) and don’t forget instagram and goodness knows how many other programs that we as parents are never aware of. Close one down and four more open up.

    When you raise a child in a christian environment, home school them and only allow them to take 1 class at the local school (PE) so they can participate in a sports program–the other children quickly teach your child how to “get around” parental controls. Think of the access a FULL TIME student has. In our school there is a group of young ladies (13-14) who have formed a Pack to Get P R E G N A N T! The ones who did are treated like queens! Another group has joined together to commit suicide, and 4 of them have!

    Those of you reading this post think, oh you live in a large town in Florida, it won’t happen here. Let me tell you, we live in a town that has 1 traffic light that sometimes works! Everyone knows everyone and many of our parents are doctors, lawyers, even the Assistant District Attorney, etc. Our local church has so many people attending we have 2 service for everything. It’s the “higher echelon” kids that are doing most of the illegal activities. The Poorer kids just want to get an education and get out. They live with parents that Satan has raised!

    How do we as parents stop this? I honestly don’t know. I’m open to all suggestions and will to help!

    Thanks Wanda for letting me rant about this, but it breaks my heart to see what’s going on here and in other places in our “freedom to worship” nation.

  4. Enjoyed this a lot (found you via Tori). Good food for thought. Thank you.

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