Which One Will You Choose?

I’m sitting here in tears tonight, thinking about the four young boys who were beheaded by ISIS in Iraq. My heart aches for their parents loss. What was this crime that brought the death penalty? They refused to deny Christ and accept Islam. They were given the choice of physical life, here and now, or death.

Make no mistake. Those boys knew what was coming. They could cheat death and renounce their faith. Why didn’t they?

Luke 17:33 tells us that, “Whoever seeks to save his life, will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.” In this passage we see our two lives in comparison. Our eternal living soul versus our human bodies. We have two lives. One mortal body that will definitely die and one immortal spirit that will live forever. If we deny Jesus, our savior, we will lose our eternal living soul. All just to live a while longer in our human bodies on earth. If we are willing to give up our mortal bodies for Jesus, our eternal soul will live forever in His presence.

Another point that brings this home is found in Matthew 10:32-33. “Therefore whoever confesses Me before men,him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven.” “But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father, who is in heaven.”

Non-believers will say these children died because their parents taught them to believe in Jesus. That it was just foolish blind faith in something they learned in their home.

As a Christian, I know better. No matter how much a human “thinks”, something is true, when it comes to fear, life, and death, most would just give in to protect themselves. A born again Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit of the Almighty Living God, would not. He is the source of love, peace, faith, and courage. I have no doubt the Spirit of God so filled those boys with His presence that they had no fear. They knew He Is, the Great I Am, and were eager to enter His Kingdom. That boldness of spirit isn’t human. It’s God given.

Our world is in a terrible mess. Evil is running rampant. Violence, hate, greed, lust, hunger for supreme power is all around us. Sometimes it feels like the world will burn down around our ears. One day, you may have to make the choice that these boys were forced to make. Which one will you choose?

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  1. Barbara Alsabrook :

    I think that the world makes it so hard for our young people to believe. I sit at home and pray for our food, at school or out with friends, kids feel ridiculed for the same actions we take for granted.

    The acceptable words in our society add t those that fill the anti-christ will delight. I asked a young man in an elevator who was tossing out the MF word left and right…Young man do you know the meanings of those words. Do you know you call your MOM, MOTHER, MAMA, etc the same word you are using with an intimate act? Is this truly how yu feel about your Mom. Oh, everyone else in the elevator took a step back. Me, an old lady calling a young persons hand because of their lauguage! The young man’s eyes were immediately downcast, and he mumbled yesmam while his friends laughed and punched him.

    The moral of Wanda’s post and my comment is this–YOU have an opportunity everyday to declair your faith and to inspire goodness in othes…..Do you say Thank You Lord for your food in public? Do you correct misdirected youth? Do you try to make the world a more humble place or do you sit back and allow the devil to win?

    Off my soap box!

    • While I agree with everything you had to say, my main point is personal. I want people to actually stop and think. “Do I love Jesus enough to die for Him?” Period. If not, prayer is desperately needed.

  2. Great post, Mama. It’s a scary thing to think about, having to give up your very life for your faith in God. I hope and pray that if the time ever comes that I am put into that position, that the Lord will fill me with His spirit and give me the strength to acknowledge Him, regardless of the cost.

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